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by Kevin McNamee.  Illustrations by Kit Grady.


Print ISBN 13: 978-1-61633-015-6

eBook ISBN 13: 978-1-61633-016-3


Chatta?  No thanks.  Rackette?  No way!  Toecheez?  Ewwwww!

Brianna wants to trade-in her sister at The Sister Exchange.  But will she ever find the perfect sister?

This picture book deals with sibling rivalry in a fun and creative way. The Sister Exchange reinforces the bond between siblings, and increases reasoning skills through comparison.


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What Others Are Saying


“The Sister Exchange has more depth than your average children's picture book. It meets an emotional need that an older sibling might not be able to express, but Mr. McNamee does an excellent job of using humor to teach just how sacred and eternal family relationships really are.” – Dixie PhilipsWriting4littleones


The Sister Exchange is one of those stories that will make you feel good by the time you reach the end. As your child follows along Brianna’s journey to trade in her sister, they learn how special siblings can truly be; that despite those little things about them that might bug you, you’re lucky to have them around.

In a fun and engaging way, McNamee has taken a serious issue and turned it into a story that will delight your children. – Children’s and Teen’s Book Connection



I think every family with more than one young child would be wise to get this book and read it to their kids often. – Janet Ann Collins – On Words Blog



The Sister Exchange is a fun read-aloud that will remind young readers that even though they're tempted at times to trade in their brother or sister, there's nothing like the sibling they have. - - Book Review



Author Kevin McNamee’s delightful story combines with illustrator Kit Grady’s humorous drawings to encourage children in developing, maintaining, and appreciating the relationships that they sustain with a sister or a brother that can result in a lifetime of enjoyment and comradeship. - Home School Book Review