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Papa's Suns-Autographed Copy

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Papa's Suns Cover  

Written by Kevin McNamee

Illustrations by Samantha Bell

Print ISBN: 9781616336639; 1616336633

eBook ISBN: 9781616336646; 1616336641


Jacob and his grandfather like to spend time drawing pictures together. But after Papa has a stroke, Jacob is afraid that his Papa will be different. Although Papa’s body is healing, Jacob discovers that the love between him and his grandfather will never change.

 Papa's Suns Interior Page


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What Others Are Saying

"Children and adults alike will cherish Papa's Suns, a wonderful story showing how, while some things in life change, others stay the same, like the love and bonds between Papa and Jacob and even the simple things enjoyed together, like drawing.  Great work!" - Karin Larson-Adventures in Children's Writing

"A poignant, powerful story with gorgeous illustrations. Author Kevin McNamee masterfully captures the special bond between a grandparent and grandchild with his endearing story of Jacob and Papa...McNamee's theme of resilient and enduring love that stands the test of time and space makes this book a "must have" for any home or school library. " - Amazon Review