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Lightning Strikes-Autographed Copy

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By Kevin McNamee, Illustrations by Eugene Ruble


Print ISBN: 9781616330958; 1616330953
eBook ISBN: 9781616330965; 161633096

“Lightning Strikes, I count to ten. I don’t hear thunder until then.” Science and Math come together to educate and entertain. This fun, rhyming counting book will help teach children to count backwards, and to understand the principles of lightning and thunder.

What Others are Saying

Teaching our young muses how to count in a creative environment presents its challenges. Not sure where to start to overcome this obstacle? Look no further. Lightning Strikes combines the elements of Science and Math into an ingenious thunderstorm adventure with counting forwards and backwards.

Come along and learn what one young child does to comfort himself as a thunderstorm rages outside. The reader and child will surely laugh out loud at the antics that ensue. All the while learning the basic fundamentals of counting to ten and down again.

Eugene Ruble’s illustrations bring the thunderstorm and counting strategy to life, making it an enjoyable learning experience. - Donna McDine - Award Winning Children's Author