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Bear and the 3 Goldilocks-Autographed Copy

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By Kevin McNamee, Illustrations by Robert Lee Beers

Hardcover ISBN: 9781616335816; 1616335815 
Paperback ISBN: 9781616335823; 1616335823
eBook ISBN: 9781616335830; 1616335831

Two favorite fairytales become one new fun-filled adventure. The Three Little Goldilocks Girls are in a heap of trouble. There’s a snoozing bear upstairs, and a windy wolf downstairs who wants to blow their house down. But which one is worse, a grumpy bear or the Big Bad Wolf?

Bear and the 3 Goldilocks interior

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What Others are Saying

Kevin McNamee’s “twisted” fairy tale, “Bear and the 3 Goldilocks,” is adorable. I love twists on our old familiar fairy tales. We used to call them fractured fairy tales. This one is more of a mixing and melding of three of them. We have the three Goldilocks girls visited by Bear (nice twist) and the big bad Wolf, who’s looking for the three little pigs to blow their house down. The three pigs make a cameo appearance at the beginning of the story to trick the wolf into going to the Goldilocks girls’ house, and again the pigs are alluded to in the end.

The illustrations by Robert Lee Beers are funny and upbeat. They capture the mood of the story perfectly. The three Goldilocks girls are perky and cute, Bear is very big and looks great, and the hapless wolf is just scary right.

This book is quite a good example of tongue-in-cheek done well. “Bear and the 3 Goldilocks” is great fun to read. I know you’ll enjoy the twists Mr. McNamee has included as much as I did. The final scene is perfectly priceless.

Recommended for readers age four through eight, but will be enjoyed by older kids, parents, teachers, and grandparents, as well.

- Penelope Ann Cole


I always enjoy books that take something familiar and make it into something completely different. In Bear and the Three Goldilocks Kevin McNamee has certainly done that. This cute picture book isn't just a reverse of the familiar Goldilocks and the Three Bears story, though it does have certain similarities to that one. It also incorporates things from another familiar story about the Three Little Pigs, although there are no pigs in the story. I'm sure lots of kids will want to hear this story read to them at bedtime over and over again. It's definitely a good one and might even become a classic itself.

- Janet Ann Collins