The following questions follow the common core curriculum and can be used to discuss the books after reading.  The "For Kids" section of this website contains games and word problems to reinforce what children have learned.

   The Sister Exchange

1) How did Julianne bother Brianna? Give examples from the story.

2) Why did Mom call the "Sister Exchange"?

3) Give 2 reasons why Brianna Did not want Chatta as a sister.

4) Tell one reason why Brianna didnt want Rackette as a sister.

5) Would you want Toecheez as a sister? Why or why not?

6) Why did Brianna decide to keep Julianne?

7) What do you think the message of this story is? 

8) What would your perfect sibling be like? 


   If I Could Be Anything

1) Discuss the rhyming words with your child.  "What word rhymes with boat? Listen while I read the page."

2) As your child becomes more familiar with rhyming, you may read a page and ask, "Did you hear any words that rhyme?"

3) "What do you think the word "soar" means?  What makes you think that?"

4) After reading the story, try and see how many of the animals you remember. Hint: there are 19. 


What is That Thing?

1) Does Jenna use her imagination when she plays? Give details from the story to support your answer.

2) Name 2 different things that Jenna imagines her mom is.

3) How does Jenna's attitude about her new sister change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story.  Be sure to include details from the story to support your answer.