Hello, my name is Kevin McNamee.  I currently live in Yonkers New York, along with my wife and daughter.  Originally, I come from The Bronx, which doesn't really deserve the bad rap that it gets.  But my experiences there, have given me a wide assortment of characters and plots to choose from.  Although I may need to clean some of them up quite a bit to be suitable for the children’s market.

    I’ve been writing since I learned the alphabet.  I wrote mostly fiction, but I had never tried writing for children.  That changed after my daughter was born and our house was flooded with children's books.  One day, I was watching my nieces fight and it gave me an idea for a sibling rivalry story that eventually became The Sister Exchange.  There was no looking back. 

    I continued to write and I started submitting my work for publication.  Before long, I had amassed an impressive collection of form rejection letters.  But I was determined to learn all I could about writing for children and the children’s market, so I did the following…

  • Read Harold Underdown’s Complete Idiots Guide to Writing for Children
  • Read Writing Children’s Books for Dummies

     Despite their titles, they really do hold a lot of practical information about writing and the children’s market.  I also…

  • Joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)
  • Joined two terrific critique groups that I found through SCBWI, one for prose, one for poetry
  • Bought the Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market annually for invaluable information on where to market my work

     If you happen to be a writer and you’re just starting out, I highly recommend that you do all of the above.  If you happen to be a writer and you’ve done all of the above, good for you!

     As I’ve been educating myself about the children’s market and striving to improve my writing, I’ve noticed the following:

  • My rejection letters are getting nicer
  • I’ve had some successes.  Here they are…

 … and I’m trying my best to add to this list.

 Happy Writing,