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If I Could Be Anything

If I could be anything, what would I be?  I think that eventually I would be me. A boy pretends to be different animals in this warm, rhyming, picture book. In the end, he chooses to be exactly as he is. Love is the anchor that draws him home.

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The Sister Exchange

Chatta?  No thanks.  Rackette?  No way!  Toecheez?  Ewwwww!   Brianna wants to trade-in her sister at The Sister Exchange.  But will she ever find the perfect sister?   This picture book deals with sibling rivalry in a fun and creative way and reinforces the bond between siblings.

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The Soggy Town of Hilltop

“You want us to do what?!!!”  This fun, rhyming picture book teaches more than just a new way to drink water.    The High Council of Hilltop wants the people to learn a new way to drink.  But when the people find out why, everyone has something new to learn. 

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What Is That Thing?

What is that thing? … An alien from outer space? … A strange and smelly creature? … A mysterious, roaring animal? … Or my baby sister?
Using humor and imagination, “What Is That Thing?” lessens the confusion surrounding the arrival of a new baby, nurtures the bond between siblings, and eases the transition for an expanding family.

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Lightning Strikes

“Lightning Strikes, I count to ten. I don’t hear thunder until then.” Science and Math come together to educate and entertain. This fun, rhyming counting book will help teach children to count backwards, and to understand the principles of lightning and thunder.

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My Brother the Frog

It’s a chicken! It’s a giraffe! It’s a penguin! It’s my brother? Humor and imagination come together in this entertaining picture book about sibling rivalry. When a boy accidentally changes his brother into different animals, he learns something new while trying to change him back.

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Just for Today

Finding buried treasure, exploring outer space, and winning the World Series? Not a bad way to spend the day! In this gentle, rhyming picture book, all that’s needed is a little time, a lot of imagination and plenty of love.

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An Eyeball in My Garden

This poetry collection was put together by me and thirteen other terrifyingly talented poets. It contains everything from the humorous, to the creepy, to the absolutely sinister, this collection is designed to tickle your funny bone and then perhaps, gnaw right through it.

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Bear and the 3 Goldilocks

Two favorite fairytales become one new fun-filled adventure. The Three Little Goldilocks Girls are in a heap of trouble. There’s a snoozing bear upstairs, and a windy wolf downstairs who wants to blow their house down. But which one is worse, a grumpy bear or the Big Bad Wolf?

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Papa's Suns

Jacob and his grandfather like to spend time drawing pictures together. But after Papa has a stroke, Jacob is afraid that his Papa will be different. Although Papa's body is healing, Jacob discovers that the love between him and his grandfather will never change.

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Perhaps I can help.

Kevin McNamee is a writer and poet, who writes mainly for children.  His goal is to write books that will both educate and entertain, and help children tackle real problems in a fun and creative way.  As a reading parent, he also tries to write books that can be enjoyed by adults as well as children.

Kevin has also worked in the technology field and became interested in creating online games based on his books’ characters.  He is delighted to combine two interests in one for Guardian Angel Kids Magazine.  Please visit the For Kids section on this website to play some of his games.

Kevin's books are available as both print books and eBooks.  Select books are available as author recorded eBooks and apps for the iPad.  Please visit The Bookstore on this website for more information. 


What Others Are Saying

"I am fast becoming an avid fan of children's author Kevin McNamee. I was trying to think exactly what it is about his two new children's books The Sister Exchange and If I Could Be Anything that won my heart. I believe I know the answer - His writing keeps the reader grounded as to what is of utmost importance in life. Before you read the last sentence of his books, you realize, more than you ever did before, just how precious and important family and loved ones are." – Dixie Philips – Writing4littleones


“In this delightful new story from talented poet and writer, Kevin McNamee, we see him doing what he does best–create a story that youngsters will love." - The Children's and Teens' Book Connection







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